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We secure digital transformation with Microsoft 365

People turn to us because they want to be productive anywhere and safeguard their business data with a solution designed to support modern work.

We will shine a flashlight into your current cybersecurity products to help you configure and utilize the security capabilities included in Microsoft 365 that you are likely paying for in duplicate with a third party.

Our mission is to align organizations with the Microsoft Zero Trust Security Framework, to ensure the security of their livelihoods, as modern work and the threat landscape continues to evolve.

About Team Levacloud, Gareth Young, Founder

Gareth Young

Founder, Chief Architect

Gareth is one of only 90,500 Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) in the USA and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). After graduating from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland, he went on to work with a Microsoft Gold Partner.

He gained experience working with clients operating in a variety of sectors including Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing and Local Government. After spending some time within the internal IT organization of a Law firm, he made the move to a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in Managed Security Services which ultimately saw him relocate to the USA with his Wife Laura and Dog(ter) Olive.

Recognizing the evolving threat landscape and driven by a desire to do more, he founded Levacloud LLC as a way to change how organizations approach security through use of the Microsoft Zero Trust Security Framework.

about Tony Coughlin

Tony Coughlin 

Co-Founder, Senior Business Development Manager

After studying biology at Buffalo State University, he realized his real passion was for people and business. He moved to Atlanta, GA and began working with a managed services provider, where he learned more about technology and cybersecurity.

He is experienced in Legal, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, and Civil Engineering spaces.After meeting Gareth, he joined Levacloud LLC. His passion is to keep America’s businesses safe from exploitation and to educate their leaders on a better approach.

He recently moved back to his home town Rochester, NY so his young children have time with their Grandparents, 3 Uncles, 6 Aunts, and 9 cousins.

Chief Barkitect

Olive, Chief Barkitect

Olive moved to the USA from Scotland in 2017. She is passionate about sunbathing and notifying us every time a squirrel, deer or groundhog passes by.

Her unique skillset and high volume made her the perfect choice for Chief Barkitect.

Head of Morale

Archie, Chief Morale Officer

A Rescue from Alabama, Archie loves to spend his time re-organizing the house, finding creative places to store socks, shoes, blankets and the occasional TV remote.

His happy-go-lucky attitude makes him the perfect choice for Chief Morale Officer.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help close the gaps in your healthcare organization’s security posture, or reduce the risk of HIPAA violations then request a free consultation with the button above, or alternatively send an email to info@levacloud.wpcomstaging.com

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