Business Leaders! 4 crucial facts to protect your organization’s data within Microsoft 365

Business Leaders protect your organisations data with microsoft 365

Protect Your Data Within Microsoft 365

With many organizations performing rapid cloud migrations to meet remote work requirements, there is a growing concern within the cybersecurity community that organizations may be vulnerable to data breaches due to security misconfigurations.  The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) even published an alert to this effect (

The protection of company data is no longer just an IT problem, it is a discussion that business leaders need to take part in. There is a delicate balance between enabling the business to be productive and secure. Attacks can happen via multiple facets; the optimal solution should be cost-effective and provide multiple layers of protection. 

1. Protect at the front door. 81% of hacking breaches leveraged stolen and/or weak passwords (Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report).  Your solution should go beyond the password to authenticate a user. It should assess conditions such as their role, physically where in the world they are located, if their device been compromised, what data is being accessed.  

2. Protect your data anywhere. 58% of workers have accidentally shared sensitive data to the wrong person (Stroz Friedberg). Sensitive data should be protected regardless of whether it is in the cloud or stored on a mobile device. Your solution should allow data to be classified, encrypted, and give the capability to monitor and report so you can see what is happening with your shared data and maintain control over it.  

3. Detect and remediate attacks. 91% of cyberattacks and the resulting data breach begin with a spear-phishing email (PhishMe 2016). With the growing sophistication of attacks, a solution that can apply behavioral analytics to help detect and prevent data breaches in real-time is crucial.  

4. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is designed to protect company data stored in the Microsoft 365 cloud, as well as data stored locally on employee laptops and mobile devices. It is a multi-layered solution that combines several integrated security tools in a convenient package. Not only does it provide the optimal solution to protect your organization’s data, but it will also save you over $100 per user/year vs buying each component individually 

At Levacloud LLC we can help Jump Start your organizations cloud security and save you money on Microsoft licensing costs. Ask us how!  

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