Threat and Vulnerability Management Service

Mature your cybersecurity program by taking a managed, risk based approach to vulnerability management

We believe in adding proactive security measures that are effective in reducing your attack surface instead of bolting on more security tools that try to provide coverage to misconfigured or vulnerable systems and services. Threat and Vulnerability management is an important part of any cybersecurity program, however budgets and staffing issues can leave it as a “best effort” practice, or legacy vulnerability management tools leave your team overwhelmed by Large threat reports, manual processes and no way to prioritize findings as they lack relevant context of the impact to your organization. 

Threat and Vulnerability management cybersecurity Microsoft 365 service

Consider us an extension to your IT/Security Team, we will mature your approach to vulnerability management with a risk based approach.

The key features of this service include:

Continuous real time discovery

  • Extensive vulnerability assessment across the entire stack
    • Application, OS and Hardware (firmware) vulnerabilities

Context-aware prioritization

  • Analysis of current Threat Landscape
  • Likelihood of breach based on security posture and exploit attempts in the org
  • Business Value 

End-to-end remediation process

  • Act as an extension to your IT/Security team
  • Integrate with existing ticket management process
  • Threat analytics summaries keeping you informed
  • Weekly reports to review recent events and current organizational exposure levels
  • Continuous real time discovery

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