Microsoft Intune Pilot

Microsoft Intune PILOT

Unveiling the Power of Comprehensive Device Management in Your Real-World Environment

Take the next step in transforming your device management with our 20-hour Microsoft Intune and optional MECM Co-Management Pilot. Learn more about how Intune and MECM can streamline and secure your operations in a real-world scenario tailored to your organization.

What to Expect

This 20-hour engagement includes:

Discovery and Planning

We'll uncover your specific needs, goals, and existing environment. Define the scope of deployment, including identification of up to 100 end-user devices for onboarding.

Design and Implementation

Configure Microsoft Intune and (optionally) MECM for device management. Implement device compliance rules, configuration profiles, and other essential configurations.

Validation and Training

Validate the setup and perform pilot testing. Provide training to your key personnel on managing and troubleshooting the new setup.

Review and Recommendations

Review the success of the pilot and provide strategic recommendations for scaling and optimizing the device management solution.

Pilot Highlights

Some key components of the 20-hour engagement are:


Deploy Microsoft Intune and (optionally) MECM to manage and secure up to 100 end-user devices across various platforms.


Implement robust security policies and configurations, such as device compliance rules and conditional access policies.


Explore advanced capabilities like zero-touch deployment and (optionally) co-management features with MECM.


Receive strategic recommendations for long-term adoption and scalability, tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.

Want even more?

For more assistance with Microsoft Intune, check out our Intune Managed Service instead.

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