Free Microsoft 365 DEfender
Proof of Concept

Microsoft 365 Defender POC Workshop

Uncover Microsoft's next-generation security tools in your own environment.

Managing growing volumes of alerts, tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems are everyday realities for organizations today. Through this hands-on workshop, we’ll help you work towards your broader security objectives and identify real threats within your system.

What to Expect

This free 6-hour Proof of Concept workshop engagement covers:

Threat Detection

Detect real threats and vulnerabilities within your own environment

Objective Setting

Review your security goals and objectives for the engagement.

Threat Mapping

Map identified threats and vulnerabilities to specific solution recommendation.

Hands On Experience

Get hands-on with the Microsoft 365 Defender suite in your own environment.

Workshop Highlights

This free, 6-hour engagement includes:


Deployment of Microsoft 365 Trial Licenses: We’ll install these within your customer tenant environment if required.


Configuration of Microsoft 365 Security Tools: We’ll set up Microsoft Defender for Office 365 & Defender for Endpoint, up to 10 devices.


Remediation of Technical Issues: We’ll address and resolve any technical problems that may arise during the deployment phase.


Threat Exploration: Our team will delve into threats that are actively attacking your organization.


Map Threats to Mitigation Strategies: We’ll associate each discovered threat to a specific, recommended method of mitigation.


Analysis of Cloud Applications: Through Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps & Defender for Endpoint data, we’ll evaluate the cloud apps your users employ.


Security Discussions: We’ll guide you through Microsoft’s vision for security and the capabilities of our security products.


Demonstration of Security Products: We’ll showcase the value and unique differentiators of Microsoft security products.


Decommissioning: At the end of the engagement, we’ll decommission the configurations and licenses we’ve set up.

Want even more?

For a more in depth look at Microsoft Defender, check out our pilot instead.

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