Microsoft 365 Defender Suite Pilot

Microsoft 365 Defender PILOT

Enhance your security posture & protect your Microsoft 365 workloads, leveraging the tools you already own or are adopting.

The Microsoft 365 Defender Suite Pilot is designed to give you a clear understanding of the suite’s capabilities, showing you how it can increase user and device protection, and reduce the attack surface across your potential Microsoft 365 workloads.

Pilot Highlights

This 20-hour engagement includes:

Scope and Design

Understand the scope & design possibilities for protecting your organization with Microsoft 365 Defender Suite.


Assess your current security posture & receive a personalized timeline for potential threat mitigation.


See how the protection can be extended to more users and devices, and learn how to identify vulnerabilities and threats, with potential mitigation strategies.


Get a personalized roadmap, including a timeline for remediation, based on your organization's hypothetical security needs and objectives.

What to Expect

This engagement includes:


Establishing Mutual Understanding: We’ll learn about and gain understanding of your objectives & requirements.


Design Documentation: Agree on design decisions for the deployment of Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and Endpoint.


Enablement of Microsoft Defender: Enable the integration & functioning of the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite withing your environment.


Deployment of Security Products: Deploy the Microsoft security products using a limited scope in your environment.


Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Onboard a max of 100 users to Defender for Office 365 Safe Attachment and Safe Links policies.


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint: Onboard a max of 100 Windows 10/11 devices to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.


Remediation of Technical Issues: We’ll provide support for the remediation of potential technical issues that arrive during the process.


Operational Guidance: We’ll offer guidance on how to operationalize the included security products through demonstrations and examples.


Security Analysis and Recommendations: Explore Microsoft Secure Score, and more, plus we’ll provide a roadmap of suggested improvements.

Want even more?

We also offer a Defender Managed Service.

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