M365 Defender Managed Service

Empower Your Cybersecurity Journey

Harness the power of Microsoft 365 Defender Suite with our tailored managed services, built to align with your unique needs.

We offer two different scopes of Microsoft 365 Defender Suite managed service. Check out the options below, or contact us for more information!

Option 1: Customer Managed

In this option, we act as an extension to your IT Team, providing expert guidance, plus level 3 product support.

Training Materials

We provide recommendations on training materials to help educate your team on the usage and management of the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite.

Guidance on Best Practices

Our team provides regular guidance on best practices, feature updates, and the evolving security landscape to help maintain and enhance your security posture within the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite.

Level 3 Product Support

Our expert team is available for escalated technical issues relating to the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite. Level 3 support is typically the highest level of support, responsible for handling advanced problems.

Product Upgrades

We provide guidance on product upgrades to ensure seamless adoption of new features and improvements within the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite.

Security Architecture as a Service

Assistance with designing and configuring settings, policies, and integrations within the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite.

Option 2: Fully Managed

We manage the responsibility for all of the above in Option 1, plus so much more:

Policy and Alert Management

Our team creates and regularly updates your Microsoft 365 Defender Suite policies and alert rules in response to the evolving security landscape.

Microsoft Security Health Checks

Regular reviews of your Microsoft 365 Defender Suite to identify and address potential issues using Microsoft Secure Score and Microsoft Defender for Identity Security posture assessment of on-premises Active Directory.

Quarterly Microsoft 365 Security Setting Audit

A comprehensive audit every quarter to ensure your settings align with your organization's security posture and industry best practices. The scope of this includes assessing the M365 tenant against CISA security baselines.

Collaboration with Outsourced SIEM/SOC Provider

We liaise with your existing Security Operations Center (SOC) or SIEM provider to ensure that the Microsoft 365 Defender Suite outputs are integrated into their monitoring and response processes.

Threat Analytics and Vulnerability Management Reporting

We provide regular reports derived from Microsoft 365 Defender Suite's threat analytics and vulnerability management outputs.

We will recommend proactive changes that can be made to your environment to in response to the evolving threat landscape such as ASR (Attack Surface Reduction) rules or specific update patches to target that will reduce your overall vulnerability footprint.

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