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Microsoft Intune POC Workshop

Discover firsthand how to manage and secure your devices, apps and users in your own environment.

A comprehensive exploration into remote deployment, management, & security of corporate and BYOD devices, identities and data within your organization. We aim to showcase the best practices for managing & securing endpoints at the enterprise level, using real devices in your environment for demonstrations.

Workshop Highlights

This free, 4-6-hour workshop offers a hands-on demonstration of Microsoft Intune within your own environment. By attending, you can:


Understand how to leverage Microsoft Intune to enhance your management capabilities.


Discover how to secure your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools.


Learn how to fortify your users’ identities with MFA and conditional access from any device.


See how you can enable your users to be more productive with their essential applications.


Experience real-time improvements to your Microsoft Secure Score with Microsoft Intune.


Get insights about your users’ endpoints and their compliance with your IT policies.

"Modern device management encompasses a wide range of areas including user protection, adding/removing devices, managed applications, end user support, and rolling out new capabilities.
Forrester 2020
Microsoft 365 Enterprise Toal Economic Impact Study

What to Expect

This free 4-6-hour engagement includes:

Initial Briefing

We'll strive to understand your specific needs, goals and existing environment. An overview of Intune's capabilities and potential benefits for your organization will be provided.

Demonstration Setup

You'll deploy a configuration of Microsoft Intune on a limited set of devices (up to 10) in your environment. We will assist with the setup of the first device.

Feature Walkthrough

Tour Intune's capabilities using your devices, such as device compliance checks, application management and security features. We'll also showcase Windows Autopilot and a zero-touch deployment.

Q&A and Debrief

Answer any questions you may have about Intune, discuss potential use cases in your environment and outline the next steps towards a potential full deployment.

Want even more?

For a more in depth look at Microsoft Intune, check out our pilot instead.

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