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Welcome to the levacloud blog. You will find a selection of content focused around Microsoft 365, Zero Trust Security and more. We like to create content that we believe our customers and the community will find useful as they try and navigate the ever evolving threat landscape that we live in today.

Underneath our blog you will see links to other blogs that we have chosen to feature.

Featured blogs:

A small selection of blogs with quality content that we would like to share:

Microsoft Security Blog:

The Microsoft security blog is a great resource to stay up-to-date on both Microsoft Security and Compliance product update, as well as thought leadership on how to tack security and compliance challenges within your organization, as well as information about threat actors that Microsoft’s team of security researchers have discovered and developed mitigation techniques for.

Microsoft DART Team Blog:

Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART) blog series is focused on the latest attack methods as well as cybersecurity best practices derived from our investigations and engagements, helping our customers respond to compromises and become cyber-resilient.

CISA Blog:

The CISA is a US govenrment agency responsible for Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, their blog is a great way to get a vendor neutral perspective on current events within the cybersecurity community that have significance at the national level.

If you have a blog, or an article, video or podcast that you would like us to feature then please reach out via email. If you are interested in collaborating on some content feel free to reach out also, we are open to new ideas especially if the content is going to benefit others.

ISC2 blog:

ISC2 is the governing body for gold standard cybersecurity certifications such as the CISSP. This blog is a great way to stay up-to-date on current events, especially if you are studying for a cybersecurity certification

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